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Stay Politically Active

Tips for Staying Politically Active from Vote Run Lead Founder and CEO, Erin Vilardi


  1. Become a Virtual Volunteer
    Send an email to a campaign you like offering your time and energy virtually. You can find who is running in your district and state by searching

  2. Make an Endorsement Online
    Share your love for women candidates via your social feed. Reach out to see if they have a branded graphic for you to use.

  3. Fill out the U.S. Census
    Go to and be counted. It takes less than 10 minutes!

  4. Get Educated on Democracy
    Become informed on Mail-in Voting, Automatic Voter Registration, or Ranked Choice Voting!

  5. Be in Control of the Leaders You Follow
    Put boundaries on your political news and focus on local and state leaders who have information on your geographic area.

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